- Balloon Molds
- CT Molds
- Straight Tubes /
  Capture Tubes

- Dip Molds
- Tipping DIes, RF Tipping
  Dies and Forming Tips

- Atrium and Cardiac
  Artery Models

- Demonstrator Heart

- Brain and Lung Models
- Sinus Model
- Full Size Demonstrator

- Aneurysm Models
- Custom Medical Models
- Scientific Glassware
- Custom Laboratory
  Glassware and
  Glass-to-Metal Seals

- Aquaculture
   Aneurysm Models

Aneurysms are an increasingly common medical condition that afflicts patients. The proper procedure to eliminate these conditions is best ensured with proper medical devices. These devices can be thoroughly tested and researched using Farlow’s aneurysm models and our ability to create a custom model limited only by your imagination. The variety of shapes, sizes and configurations is virtually limitless!

• Flow models
• Test models
• ID’s to customer specifications
• Stent models
• Multiple, removable configurations
• Custom configurations


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