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  Capture Tubes

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  Artery Models

- Demonstrator Heart

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- Full Size Demonstrator

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  Glass-to-Metal Seals

- Aquaculture
   Full-Size Demonstrator Model

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Farlow’s CAM103, also known as “Mrs. Einstein,” is our flagship model and the ultimate research tool. With all the major arteries of the body represented, this model will provide your research team the best possible venue for device testing. The CAM103 is an always-willing patient for your new device. All four chambers of the heart are placed along with the coronary arteries and veins to allow for stent and defibrillator lead placement. The cost of this model is very competitively priced in relation to animal testing and experimental exploration. The CAM103 also serves as a visually striking centerpiece that’s ideal for marketing and trade shows.


• Anatomically correct
• Full arterial and vein model
• Ideal marketing tool
• Comes with custom base for vertical use
• Horizontal base available