- Balloon Molds
- CT Molds
- Straight Tubes /
  Capture Tubes

- Dip Molds
- Tipping DIes, RF Tipping
  Dies and Forming Tips

- Atrium and Cardiac
  Artery Models

- Demonstrator Heart

- Brain and Lung Models
- Sinus Model
- Full Size Demonstrator

- Aneurysm Models
- Custom Medical Models
- Scientific Glassware
- Custom Laboratory
  Glassware and
  Glass-to-Metal Seals

- Aquaculture
   Custom Laboratory Glassware and Glass-to-Metal Seals

Precision custom components are available for your experiments and production equipment. Our standard lead time of two weeks ensures that your projects get done quickly, efficiently and to your specifications. Farlow’s creates parts with tight tolerances, coils or bends as well as joining glass to metal. These multiple techniques allow Farlow’s to create specialty parts for lasers, gas testing, pharmaceutical, aviation and industrial applications with creatively made, exceptionally high-quality glass parts.

• Custom apparatus
• Glass-to-metal seals
• Syringe fabrication
• Lasers
• Fiber optic couplers
• Quartz/Pyrex® coils
• Bulbs
• Tubes
• Models
• Fiber Optic couplers

Precision tolerances allow for single or multiple bundles of fiber optics to be connected. Couplers can be made with different ID’s at each end, which allows wide bundles to be filtered to smaller bundles for maximum efficiency in hand-held devices.




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