- Balloon Molds
- CT Molds
- Straight Tubes /
  Capture Tubes

- Dip Molds
- Tipping DIes, RF Tipping
  Dies and Forming Tips

- Atrium and Cardiac
  Artery Models

- Demonstrator Heart

- Brain and Lung Models
- Sinus Model
- Full Size Demonstrator

- Aneurysm Models
- Custom Medical Models
- Scientific Glassware
- Custom Laboratory
  Glassware and
  Glass-to-Metal Seals

- Aquaculture
   Scientific Glassware

Farlow’s Scientific Glassblowing has provided custom glass to the medical and scientific community since 1981. With a full range of manufacturing capabilities, we can design and produce early prototype R&D items to largescale production runs.

From concept to reality, if it involves glass, we can make it happen.... We incubate your design and assess the

Farlow’s also provides repair services. This rapid repair service can save you up to half the cost of a new piece of equipment while preserving your production flow. Our service provides a returnable bin for your repairs— simply place the item to be repaired in the bin, fill out the enclosed form, and your repairs are as good as done. Don’t let your production suffer while waiting on the return of critical items. Farlow’s gets your equipment back on-line fast!

• Custom apparatus
• Glass-to-metal seals
• Syringe fabrication
• Lasers
• Fiber optic couplers
• Quartz/Pyrex® coils
• Bulbs
• Tubes
• Models
• Rapid repair service

Customer Scientific Repair Worksheet




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