Farlow’s would like at this time to offer its Rapid Repair services to all in need of timely, quality repairs and custom fabrication. We have received a significant number of requests for repairs and custom work as most universities and businesses have no access to glassblowing services. In our past work we have found that repairs are generally less than half the cost of purchasing new equipment, which means that you get twice the life for half of the price. Although distance may be a concern for some we are establishing a system to ensure safe, efficient delivery of repair items. We propose a rotating bin system to assist with your repair needs. The bin will be sent by Farlow’s to your location. Upon arrival you will find simple forms to help speed the repair process and ensure that each item is returned to the correct individuals. Upon arrival at our facility we will provide same day price estimates to ensure that your repairs do not slow down lab work. We appreciate the opportunity to assist the academic and business communities with their specialized needs. Farlow’s looks forward to working with you in the future!

ADVISORY NOTE: Apparatus will be annealed at 565C before work is performed on repairs. This process may reveal unseen cracks, breaks, etc. Farlow's will advise customers on how to proceed, but can not be held responsible for replacement of parts due to heat treatment. All items sent to Farlow's Scientific Glassblowing (FSG) must be clean and free of any and all flammable, poisonous, biological or radioactive substance.

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